7 Pros and Cons of Buying a Semi Detached Houses

Semi detached house

You’ll have a lot of decisions to make when looking for a home. One of them will be the type of home to purchase. Semi detached houses have their own benefits, but like anything else, they also have downsides. 

This is a home in which two different houses are connected by a shared wall. Both residences will have very similar layouts, if not identical. Unsure if this style of residence is ideal for you? Let’s look at some of the pro’s and cons.

Semi detached houses Pros

1. Lower Purchase Price

Your budget will be a significant deciding factor in the sort of property you buy, and semi-detached houses are frequently more cheap. A lower purchasing price translates into a reduced monthly mortgage payment. This can result in monthly savings of up to $1,000.

2. Savings in Maintenance

Along with the savings from the lower purchase price, there is also the possibility of maintenance savings. Because you and your neighbor share the same lot, you may be able to negotiate shared maintenance fees. For example, if you need to replace your roof or siding, you may be able to divide the costs with a neighbor. You might also be able to divide snow removal or lawn care fees.

3. More Space than Townhouses and Apartments

While semi detached houses are usually smaller than detached homes, they typically offer more space than a townhouse or apartment. This is especially true when it comes to yard space. 

Even if you share the lot with your neighbor, you’ll have more space than in a townhouse. When choosing a home, price is crucial, but so is space. A semi-detached house will give you the best of both.

Semi detached houses Cons

1. Potential for Lots of Noise

The level of noise you may have to deal with is one of the most bothersome aspects of semi-detached living. Since you and your neighbor will share a wall, noise can actually get through. Even soundproofing may not be enough to keep everything out.

The absence of insulation in older homes makes this issue even worse. Before you buy, inquire about your neighbor’s lifestyle. You should be fine if it’s a retired couple. However, if it’s a young couple who like throwing weekend parties, this could be a problem.

2. Lack of Privacy

Noise goes hand in hand with the degree of privacy you lose when you live in a semi detached houses. You’ll be sharing a driveway and front yard, as well as a shared wall, so you’ll want neighbors you get along with.

3. Reduced Curb Appeal

Most semi-detached houses have the same exterior, but not always. If you and your neighbor cannot agree on the same exterior, your curb appeal will suffer. Finding a buyer could be difficult if you decide to sell in the future. Differently colored roof tiles, door color, or even various wall finishes will reduce curb appeal. 

Another front porch might be equally unpleasant. Consider one side to have an enclosed porch and an awning, while the other has overgrown weeds.

4. Arranging Repairs

As previously said, there is the possibility of maintenance savings if you can agree with your neighbor. You must first speak with them because you may require their cooperation to complete the assignment sale

Things can become more problematic if you need to carry out extensive repairs on or near the boundary of the residences. The same is true if your neighbor is the one who needs to make repairs. Construction noise could last for weeks or months.

Final Thoughts of Buying Semi Detached Houses

Semi-detached houses offer substantial cost savings as well as the possibility of greater space than an apartment or townhouse. Consider the significant noise and privacy compromises. 

Whether or whether a semi-detached house is best for you is all about identifying your priorities. When in doubt, consult with a QUALIFIED BUYER’S AGENT. They might be able to find you a semi-detached house with the correct balance of tradeoffs and cost savings.

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