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About Northern Ontario

Northern Ontario is defined as the area north of a line drawn southwest from the confluence of the Mattawa and Ottawa rivers (near the Quebec border, east of Lake Nipissing) to the mouth of the French River on Georgian Bay.

The majority of the 350,000-square-mile(900,000-square-kilometer) region is part of the old Canadian Shield, which is characterized by a plethora of lakes and rivers, muskeg (bogs), and thickly forested hilly and difficult terrain. In today’s economic terms, Northern Ontario has a one-of-a-kind economy. Apart from the region’s Aboriginal villages, practically every community in northern Ontario was built by huge resource or transportation-based organizations, frequently in collaboration with the provincial government, to extract natural resources for use elsewhere.


Thunder Bay

Assignment Sales Northern Ontario

Over the last years, the Northern Ontario real estate market has been one of the greatest in Ontario. Northern Ontario has seen a considerable population surge as more people abandon big urban centers and families strive to set fresh roots in areas that promise more space inside and outside of their homes.

If you are planning to make a real investment in Ontario consider the northern part as the best opportunity. Many investors are choosing the pre-construction market to make a powerful investment in Northern Ontario. One of the finest methods to break into the Northern Ontario real estate market is through assignment sales.

With the increasing amount of pre-construction condos nearing completion, the term Assignment Sales in Northern Ontario may come up frequently when searching for real estate. Because Assignment Sales are not a typical transaction, various precautions must be taken to safeguard both the seller and the buyer. 

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If you want to purchase an Assignment Sale in one of the cities in Northern Ontario we also offer Assignment Sales North Bay, Assignment Sales Timmins, Assignment Sales Sault St Marie, Sudbury Assignment Sales, and Assignment Sales Thunder Bay.

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